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You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for December 15th 2018. I’m your host Magebit, with 17 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today: Pyrnassius.


  • Thank You Ryan7 Latest $5 Patron
  • Auto Regen [1]
  • Thank you privatetuker for the EOY megashow notes


  • Behind the Lore Story TL;DW by Rubic [2]
  • Runescape’s new IP likely an Action RPG! [3]
  • Exhaustion rest animation unlock [4]
  • End Game PSA: Supreme Overload Salve Value [5]
  • Your First 100m [6]
  • The give and take of mobile [7]
  • Nostalgic Moment [8]
  • Fired for RS [9]



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