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You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for June 7th 2019. I’m your host Magebit, with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:


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Time Table[edit]

  • 0:02:29,Broadcaster,magebit,Open discussion on legacy
  • 0:19:24,Broadcaster,magebit,TL;DW 437 - Combat Diversity Beta
  • 0:31:25,Broadcaster,magebit,Jagex, if you had to listen to JUST ONE piece of feedback
  • 0:37:08,Broadcaster,magebit,Comp Cape - Dev Blog 4
  • 1:05:25,Broadcaster,magebit,Either do the comp rework properly...
  • 1:12:46,Broadcaster,magebit,The loyalty points requirement for auras is really discouraging
  • 1:47:12,Broadcaster,magebit,Salty Pvmer interjection
  • 1:53:35,Broadcaster,magebit,Is Switchscape healthy or bad for the game as a whole?
  • 1:58:13,Broadcaster,magebit,Jagex. I beg you. Please listen.
  • 2:01:49,Broadcaster,magebit,How to get downvoted
  • 2:05:35,Broadcaster,magebit,support linux
  • 2:10:05,Broadcaster,magebit,My name was revoked by Jagex
  • 2:17:39,Broadcaster,magebit,Month Ahead June
  • 2:26:29,Broadcaster,magebit,Why is it ALWAYS JUST COMBAT?
  • 2:31:23,Broadcaster,magebit,My Brothers Account Got Banned
  • 2:50:54,Broadcaster,magebit,David's Expertise


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