Runescape Weekly 3/31/19

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You’re listening to Runescape Weekly for May 31st 2019. I’m your host Magebit, with 18 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:


Time Table[edit]

  • 0:08:56,Broadcaster,magebit,Host Intro
  • 0:18:33,Broadcaster,magebit,Show Intro
  • 0:22:15,Broadcaster,magebit,PSAs
  • 0:23:20,Broadcaster,magebit,Quality of Life
  • 0:44:14,Broadcaster,magebit,TL DW Rundowns
  • 1:06:00,Broadcaster,magebit,Is Orthen Fossil Island?
  • 1:10:30,Broadcaster,magebit,PORTABLE VIC ! DON'T BUY!
  • 1:15:00,Broadcaster,magebit,What a great month
  • 1:18:41,Broadcaster,magebit,Clue scroll carrier
  • 1:20:21,Broadcaster,magebit,Revenant Spirit droprate?
  • 1:23:42,Broadcaster,magebit,Digsite in the Dumps?
  • 1:29:41,Broadcaster,magebit,Show Slant
  • 1:30:52,Broadcaster,magebit,Outtro


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